5 Reliable Sources to Learn About FlyLady in a Nutshell

FlyLady in a Nutshell

For a system that should prevent us from becoming overwhelmed, it’s actually fairly difficult to get an overview of FlyLady in a nutshell. The official FlyLady site is huge and very difficult to navigate and the emails get out of control very quickly, with no introductory course. Sure there are the beginner’s baby steps – but even they seem to skim over the fundamentals.

To help you to make progress in your FlyLady journey I’ve put together 5 reliable sources to learn about FlyLady in a nutshell. Less content, but more information. This should help you get to grips with FlyLady and not have to turn to alternatives to FlyLady.

1) My own guide to FlyLady in a Nutshell

I’m starting with my own simple guide to FlyLady in a nutshell. I’ve been working with the FlyLady system on and off since 2007, and recently re-started my journey with FlyLady. I’ve been dealing with methods to cope when FlyLady doesn’t work and getting a grip on the system.

A woman researching FlyLady in a nutshell on her laptop

Getting started with FlyLady

You start by shining your sink. There is an overcomplicated method for the sink shining thing, but in essence, you get your dishes washed, bleach the sink for half an hour, clean it up with some kitchen cleaning spray or cream, and finish it off by spraying it with window cleaner and drying off with a tea towel. Then every night after dinner you get your dishes done and spray the sink with the window cleaner and dry off with the tea towel.

In addition to the sink cleaning you should do this every evening:

  • Choose your outfit for the following day
  • Clear and wipe the kitchen worktops
  • Clear off your coffee table, side table, and dining table of the day to day clutter
  • Update your calendar/diary with your appointments
  • Load your dishwasher
  • Put away the laundry
  • Get everything needed to leave the house ready in one place (referred to as the launch pad)
  • Take some time to relax
  • Go to bed no later than 11 pm

The next step

FlyLady’s second focus is about getting dressed to the lace up shoes. In end, I’ve swapped the shoes for slippers, but she really wants you to wear the shoes. She recommends you do this before you start your day, getting your hair done, and your makeup on too.

In addition to this you should do this every morning:

  • Make your bed
  • Wipe down the bathroom sink, surfaces, and the loo
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Load the laundry
  • Have a healthy breakfast and take your vitamins
  • Check the calendar/diary
  • Clear any evening clutter from your bedside table

Every day

  • Spend 15 minutes getting rid of clutter in the focus zone until your home is clutter free
  • Spend 5 minutes focusing in the messiest room in the house to declutter and tidy up
  • Plan and make dinner

Every week

  • Vacuum the house
  • Mop hard floors
  • Dust
  • Empty the bins
  • Polish the mirrors and glass doors
  • Change the bedsheets
  • Chuck out any old newspapers or magazines

In addition to this:

  • Meal plan and buy the food
  • Pay your bills and do your paperwork
  • Water your plants
  • Spend time with your family
  • Pamper yourself

Moving forward

Once you have decluttered your home, you then start working on the zone cleaning lists doing one zone per week. You can spend about 15 minutes a day working through these zone.

FlyLady also recommends using a timer and a “control journal”. This is essentially a home binder with your routines in. I’d recommend finding a free printable set of home binder sheets and using them.

2) Sink Reflections

Sink Reflections is far easier to understand than the website. The book from FlyLady breaks down the system in a much clearer way than the complex website and overwhelming emails. I’d recommend getting a copy and reading through it twice. It was a copy of this book combined with Hidden Treasures that really helped me to understand FlyLady in a nutshell.

3) Online Forums

The MoneySaving Expert forum is pretty great for FlyLady information. I’d recommend the Old Style subforum in which they hold a weekly FlyLady thread. It’s highly adapted, so if you are looking for a different take on the FlyLady system, I’d recommend it. If you want to follow the traditional FlyLady system then it may not be right for you.

4) Cora Interprets FlyLady

Cora has written a really great 5-part overview of the FlyLady system. It breaks down the system making it clear and easy to follow. Her site is pretty old, but the content is still useful so I’d certainly recommend you give it a visit.

5) Wikipedia

The Wikipedia FlyLady page does a pretty good job of breaking down FlyLady in a nutshell. It goes through the history and the methodology really well. And with the great way that Wikipedia lists references, you can find the further detail easily and quickly. It will certainly help cement your FlyLady knowledge.

With research and different resources, it’s easy to get to grips with FlyLady in a nutshell. Don’t just focus on one source of information – compile a list of websites and books you can use to help you in your FlyLady journey. And if you’d like help with creating a morning routine that works for you, try Crystal Paine’s Make Over your Mornings course.

Do you have any recommended websites that have helped you with following the FlyLady system? Leave them in the comments below.



Finally Loving Myself – My Colour Analysis

Pretty jelly sweets for a colour analysis

One of FlyLady’s mantras is “Finally Loving Yourself”. FlyLady advocates taking care of yourself and your appearance. To help me love myself I arranged a full-colour analysis with a view to revamping my wardrobe and clearing out the clutter I didn’t wear. The results surprised me!

When I first went back to FlyLady, I knew I wanted to get the pampering right. I wanted to look my best on a daily basis. I knew I wasn’t happy with my wardrobe of dowdy clothing and my unflattering make-up that made me look like a low rent drag queen. I needed to make a change.

I signed up to the Weight Watchers slimming programme to lose the weight I’d gained over the last couple of years, as a result of stress eating and drinking. This is having a huge benefit on my health too, as I’m eating better food and drinking much less.

The other service I decided to use was the Colour Analysis assessment from Cardigan Empire. This is a fantastic service and will only set you back $15. After you order and pay for your assessment, the wonderful Reachel Bagley sends you a fact-finding questionnaire to fill in and also requests a photo of your face and a close up of your eyes. I sent two photos, one in the summer and one in the winter, as I tend to look different in both seasons.

The Colour Analysis Process

The process took around 2-3  weeks in total. Reachel sent me my results and I was surprised! I’m a Cool Summer. Which totally explains why I never looked quite right. I thought I was a Deep Autumn – I couldn’t have been more wrong. She sent me a copy of the colour recommendations, which can also be found on her website.

Cardigan Empire Cool Summer Colour Analysis
Credit – Cardigan Empire

I definitely need to do some shopping. I do have a cloud grey top, which I love, but most of my clothes are in the “worst colours” section! As is my make-up. Which calls for some shopping.

A New Wardrobe on a Budget

As I’m working on a budget I decided to shop at low-cost website Everything £5. As the name implies, everything on this site is £5, so it’s great to build a new wardrobe on a budget. I focused on baby blue and pink for a pretty spring/summer wardrobe. I ordered 3 dresses, two tops, a t-shirt, and a lightweight cardigan. For less than £50!

To make this even more appealing I’m offering readers a £5 discount on their first order when they use the link from my site. You too can rebuild your wardrobe at the fraction of the cost of a typical high-street store.

Revamping my Makeup Bag

I also realised I needed to move away from the browns and reds in my make-up bag. I picked up some new cosmetics when I did my supermarket shopping (I love modern supermarkets!) today. I purchased pink and raspberry lip colours, grey eyeshadows, and pink blusher as a result of my colour analysis.

Getting Rid of the Old

I’m not making the mistake of holding onto the old stuff this time. My unflattering clothing and makeup are going straight into the trash.  Hanging on to the old stuff “just in case” is how the clutter builds up. If you aren’t going to use/wear it today, then chances are – you never will.

It’s so important to keep on top of the clutter, which is why FlyLady advocates decluttering so regularly. When FlyLady doesn’t work, I’d recommend you start with a decluttering session, even if you only manage one 15 minute session. Seeing the clutter leave your home is incredibly therapeutic

Other Pampering Treats I Purchased!

I also treated myself to some lovely NSPA bubble baths to encourage me to pamper myself with an evening bath more frequently. In an ideal world, I’d be lying in the tub every night before going to bed. Right now I’m far away from this dream, but like any other habit, the more I do it, the more it will stick.

Further to this I picked up some marshmallow scented shower creme, to make my morning shower more of an enjoyable experience, and will also encourage me to get into the shower earlier – rather than the last minute!

Have you ever had a colour analysis consultation? What is your colour type? Let me know in the comments below.

If you’d like five pounds off your first order from Everything £5 please use this special offer link.





Philips Hue White Starter Kit Review

Philips hue white

I’m a huge fan of automating my life. Which is why the Philips Hue White starter kit is a dream come true. This wonderful product allows me to control my lighting straight from my phone. Even better I can control is verbally using my Amazon Echo Dot.

I wanted a reasonably low budget option for my smart lighting system so I opted for the entry level Philips Hue White starter kit. This includes the Hue bridge and two Philips Hue white light bulbs. In addition to the starter kit, I also ordered a lower cost compatible bulb, the Innr coloured bulb and two of the Innr white bulbs. To allow the Philips bulbs to fit into my ceiling light fittings I order a set of bayonet adapters too.

A woman control her Philips Hue white lighting system from her phone

Setting up the Philips Hue White System

The system was pretty easy to set up, I simply plugged in the bridge and connected it to my router. Then fitted one of the Philips Hue white bulbs (make sure you use this type of bulb first) and search for it in the Hue app. Make sure you switch the light on to do this. Once the bulb was recognised I then assigned it to a room (the dining room in my case).

The second bulb I installed was the Innr coloured bulb. This wasn’t as straightforward as the Philips bulb. I had to do a bit of Googling to work out how to get the app to recognise it. With the Innr bulb you have to turn the light on and off and on again to get the app to recognise it. It will flicker once it’s found. We then added another room to the app and assigned this bulb to the room.

The five bulbs were installed in the three bedrooms, the living room, and the dining room. Each room is set up on the app and the corresponding light assigned to the room.

The Amazing Features

Now the fun begins! There are a number of features you can use with the Philips Hue system. Firstly, I’d recommend setting up an account. That way you can link up with your Amazon Echo, plus use some of the awesome features to better automate your lighting system.

Each room’s lighting can be controlled separately from the app or from the Echo. You can also control the entire system in one switch too – perfect for bedtime! The app allows you to create “scenes” or use one of the three pre-made scenes – bright, dimmed, or nightlight. In addition to this, the coloured bulb also allows you to create even more lighting set-ups. I’ve currently got a dimmed peach lighting in my living room. It’s super relaxing for an evening at home, plus it makes the house look very clean and welcoming.

Wake up!

You can also use this smart home lighting system to gently wake you up in the morning. There is a feature to set up a gradual light turn on in the morning at your preferred time. You can make it last as long as you wish. A great feature to help with seasonal affective disorders. I’ve set my bedroom light to wake me up at 5.30 am, then my living room light to come on a 5.45 am, allowing me to wake up properly to a beautifully lit home.


If you’re going on holiday, you can use the Philips Hue white to trick passersby into thinking you’re at home by setting the lights to automatically turn on and off at preset times. You’ll also be able to arrange your lighting to be on for when you get back home – a warm welcome after a relaxing break.

Parenting support

The biggest bonus of this system is being able to control the lighting in the kids’ rooms. They are a nightmare for leaving their lights on. With the Hue app, I can turn their lights off when I go to bed. Plus I get to control the brightness throughout the evening, slowly lulling them into a sleepy mood.

I’d recommend ordering the Philips Hue white starter kit, with some compatable bulbs if you’re looking for a convenient way to light your home. It’s great being able to control the ambience of the room with my phone. You can buy the Philips Hue starter kit from Amazon for £59.99. I’d also recommend the Innr bulbs, which are excellent value.


FlyLady in The UK – We Will Make it Work

FlyLady UK accessories

FlyLady UK. It’s not really a thing, is it? The problem with FlyLady for the UK audience is that it’s so US-centric it really doesn’t account for the cultural differences that we Brits have. Homeschooling is not a big thing over here, homemakers are few and far between, and our groceries can be purchased and delivered without the need for us to leave our beds.

I’ve found one of the most difficult issues with following FlyLady, is the lack of information for a UK audience. It’s not surprising really, given the Marla is from the US, but it still makes Flying in the UK that bit more difficult overall. Not impossible, though – so don’t give up!

To help my UK Flybabies, I’ve put together a UK-centric adaptation of the FlyLady system. I’ve broken it down into a similar way as the original, but the content is very different.

A laptop and tea from a FlyLady UK flybaby

FlyLady UK Morning Routine

  • Get up and have a cup of tea or coffee
  • Empty the dishwasher or dry last night’s pots
  • Shower, get dressed and put your slippers on
  • Swish and swipe
  • Make your bed
  • Get the kids up and into their uniforms
  • Have some cereal or toast
  • Do the school run

FlyLady UK Evening Routine

  • Make dinner and eat it
  • Finish loading the dishwasher or wash up
  • Get the kids bathed and into bed
  • Get the washing away and do the ironing
  • Make sure the kids have their school uniform
  • Sort your clothes out too
  • Have a cup of tea
  • Shine the sink
  • Clear off the hotspots
  • Watch telly
  • Go to bed

FlyLady UK Weekly Home Blessing

  • 20 Minutes vacuuming
  • Empty bins
  • Polish furniture
  • Mop the bathroom and kitchen
  • Change the beds
  • Clean the windows

FlyLady UK Zones

  1. Dining Room
  2. Kitchen
  3. Bathroom and Kid’s rooms
  4. Main bedroom, landing, hall, and stairs
  5. Living room

FlyLady UK Weekly Routine

  1. Home blessing day
  2. Online shopping day
  3. Zone cleaning day
  4. Paperwork day
  5. Cleaning out the car/bag and date/party night
  6. Family day
  7. Pampering day (or church if you’re so inclined)

Following FlyLady in the UK is fun if you learn to adapt the techniques and ignore the cultural differences. And we can enhance the system with additional services. I’ve mentioned before what a fan I am of Crystal Paine and the “make over your mornings” and “make over your evenings courses“. Both of these courses work with the FlyLady UK methods.

Ensure you also prep reminders to put out your bins. I add a normal bin and recycling bin reminder to match my collection schedule. The night before the bin collection, get everything in there and pop it on the street.

Automate what you can. Get your groceries delivered using one of the major supermarkets, to allow you to save valuable time for the more important things in life. Like spending time with the kids, or enjoying a glass of wine!

Above all treat your home like a castle, regardless of where you live. You should be happy living there 24/7 and not dread the thought of stepping through the front door. Your home is your sanctuary and should be treated that way without question.

If you follow FlyLady in the UK what are your favourite tips? Share them in the comments below.



Alternatives to FlyLady – What if You Really Don’t Like It?

Have a cup of coffee after you find your ideal alternatives to FlyLady

I know that FlyLady works for me, but only as a highly adapted version that I’ve developed for myself. For some, even that isn’t working and they need to find some good alternatives to FlyLady and her system.

Some mornings even I start searching online for some modern housekeeping tools that could be easier than FlyLady to follow. There are so many rules and aspects to follow it certainly feels overwhelming. Something like FlyLady that is easy to follow, and really works is the dream for many.

When FlyLady doesn’t work for you, it can be hard not to feel like a failure. It’s supposed to be fool-proof, right? But before your start looking for alternatives to FlyLady, take a look at why it all went wrong.

Tulips and a gold phone in a clean home which used alternatives to FlyLady

The e-mails drive me crazy!!!

A common complaint amongst the followers of the FlyLady system. To run such a comprehensive FREE system Marla Cilley and her team need to make money through product sales. And to do this they need to promote these products. So you end up getting lots of e-mails telling you why you need to buy the “rubber swisher” or the “decluttering kit”.

My personal solution was to create a stand-alone email account just for the FlyLady emails. Then I check that email account when I need to. If it gets too full I just select all of the e-mails and delete them. No weeding through to ensure I don’t accidentally delete an important personal email.

I don’t wear shoes in the house

Neither do I! I started to ignore the shoe thing and opt for a sturdy pair of slippers. I know this is “breaking the rules” but it works for me. So even though getting dressed to lace up shoes was my original plan, it felt like a rule I could overlook as it was just bothering me too much. My slippers still keep me motivated so as long as I’m dressed and looking good, they will do.

The morning routine is too restrictive

Crystal Paine’s make over your mornings course is a great way to adapt your morning routine to suit your own needs. What’s great about this course is that it works alongside the FlyLady system as well as being a stand-alone alternative to FlyLady. The flexibility of the system allows you to truly create the right routine for you. If that wasn’t enough she also offers a make over your evenings course too – allowing you to really create the before bedtime routine of your dreams!

My own FlyLady morning routine is worlds apart from the routine she recommends, but it works for me and keeps my home clean and tidy. There is no point following a routine to the letter if it doesn’t work for you.

I’m a working mum and don’t have the time

Again, adapt the routines to suit your own needs. The weekly home blessing can be broken down over a number of days. You can move more into your evening routine rather than over-loading your mornings. Create your own alternatives to FlyLady by determining what will work for you. Don’t force yourself to work in a way that makes you unhappy.

I find the FlyLady system sexist

Well, don’t let it be! If you are in an equal partnership (both working, both cleaning) then keep it that way! My husband and I have an agreement as he both works and studies, I tend to do the majority of the housework. This hasn’t always been the case, though, and it won’t be the case in the future. Allocate tasks to one another and stick to them. If your other half isn’t doing their bit – then kick their ass into shape! FlyLady won’t make your home outdated and sexist if you don’t let it!

If All Else Fails – Here Are The Best Alternatives to FlyLady

  • Unfuck Your Habitat
    A modern alternative to FlyLady, that is really straightforward and simple. I’ve dabbled with this system in the past and it’s pretty good!
  • The Kon Marie method
    Very popular at the moment. I’d certainly grab a copy of the book and see what you think. It’s pretty intensive and takes a lot of work, but the results are pretty amazing.
  • Marcia Ramsland method
    A really easy to follow weekly routine. Pretty basic, but great if you are after something super simple
  • Zen Habits
    OK, so this is more than a cleaning system, but Leo Babuta has a simple resolution for pretty much any problem and will allow you to feel calm and at peace whilst you work. I’d definitely recommend Zen Habits for regular reading and problem-solving.

Alternatives to FlyLady in a Nutshell

If FlyLady is really getting you down, there are some great alternatives out there that you can investigate. Choose a method that suits you and your lifestyle. However, don’t overlook an adapted approach to FlyLady. With a bit of creativity and some out of the box thinking, you can create a modern housekeeping system that works for you. Your house can be organised and clean without you losing your mind.

Do you have any alternatives to FlyLady that you recommend? I’d love to head about them so please leave any suggestions in the comments below.



My FlyLady Morning Routine – Changes I’ve Made

My laptop and coffee part of my FlyLady morning routine

You can’t talk about the FlyLady cleaning system without talking about your routines. Which is why I’m not going to share my FlyLady morning routine and how I adapted the FlyLady routines to work for me. I’ve discussed how I adapt when FlyLady doesn’t work for me in a previous post – and her morning routine suggestions certainly didn’t work for a number of reasons.

Why I Needed to Adapt My FlyLady Morning Routine

I realised I needed to make a few tweaks to the prescribed routine that FlyLady gave me the second I realised she expected me to get dressed before doing anything else. Here’s the deal – I wake up about an hour before my husband. It’s dark and if I switch the lights on to dress and do my hair and make-up, I’ll be faced with one grumpy as hell husband!

So I go downstairs in my dressing gown (send the FlyLady police my way!), drink my coffee, and do 90 minutes of work on my laptop.

I also have to wait until my husband gets up before I can make the bed. He never makes the bed, so I do that task when I get dressed.

A cup of coffee - fundamental to my FlyLady morning routine

FlyLady Daily Flight Plan? No Thanks – I Don’t Bother

Sorry, I also don’t bother with the daily flight plan. My world is so different to the one presented in the FlyLady plan that it just doesn’t fit in with the fixed format daily flight plan. So again I adapt it to suit me. I’m not getting up on a Monday and finishing my weekly home blessing by 9 am. It doesn’t work with my schedule. As I progress through my FlyLady journey I continually adapt it to suit me.

So Here Is My Morning Routine

I get up (at 5.30 am) and get my dressing gown and slipper socks on. I then go and make myself a coffee (Maple Bourbon Pecan Skinny Latte). I crank up the laptop and do 90 minutes of work. I tend to unload the dishwasher whilst the coffee brews.

I then get the kids up and serve their breakfast and feed the dogs. Whilst they eat I go to the bathroom and do my “swish and swipe”. Which is wiping down the sink and loo with cleaning wipes and bleaching the toilet bowl. I don’t like toilet brushes so my “swish” is more of a “bleach”.

Then I take a shower, get dressed, and fix my hair and make-up. At this point, I make my bed as part of my FlyLady morning routine. I also clear my bedroom “hotspots” (my bedside tables) of any glasses or medicines that I took to bed the night before. I also grab a load of laundry and get that running too.

Finally, I load the breakfast dishes into the dishwasher, get my shoes on, and take the kids to school.

How does my morning routine help me?

  • It allows me to get some work done when I’m at my best (I’m a morning girl)
  • I get tasks done methodically so it doesn’t feel like I’m overdoing it
  • It forces me to get ready (I work from home so could work in my PJs if I wanted)
  • It ensures my bathroom stays clean
  • I always get my lovely morning latte

How Can You Start Your FlyLady Routine?

I’d recommend starting with a fixed wake-up time and fitting in the following goals in whichever order suits you:

  • Getting dressed
  • Having your breakfast and/or coffee
  • Swishing and swiping (or wiping and bleaching)
  • Unloading the dishwasher
  • Making the bed
  • Starting the laundry

Then you need to fit in any other tasks that need to be done, such as feeding the pets or kids. A great resource to build on your morning routine is Crystal Paine’s “make over your mornings” course. I’m a huge fan of this course and would certainly recommend it to anyone looking to get creative with their FlyLady morning routine.

Let me know your own morning routines in the comments below. Do you follow the FlyLady method to the letter? Or do you use an adapted approach like I do?


When FlyLady Doesn’t Work – What Can You Do?

When FlyLady doesn't work for you

I’ve followed the FlyLady system on a few occasions and have many tried and tested solutions to issues I face when Flylady doesn’t work for me. Despite how FlyLady appears at first glance, it’s actually a pretty flexible system to work with. You just need to give it a chance.

FlyLady is perfect for working mums, yet so many give up on it before they’ve even started. This is partly due to there being little to no information on what to do when FlyLady doesn’t work for you. It’s as overwhelming as the clutter we’re trying to clear from our homes.

Fear not, though, as I am here to help with as much advice as I can possibly give to solve your FlyLady woes. I always come back to flying and there is a good reason for that – it works when I make it work. The FlyLady daily routine I created to suit me is my saviour, and I know you can also get one to work for you.

A gorgeous phone and flowers, when FlyLady doesn't work take a new approach

My Top Tips For When FlyLady Doesn’t Work For You

  • NEVER try to follow FlyLady to the letter. She doesn’t advocate this so why even bother? Your day is different to Marla’s, it’s different to mine, and it’s different to Mrs Mackenzie’s down the road.
  • Get an email address just for your FlyLady emails. It stops them from getting on your nerves as you can check the account when you are in the right mindset. Plus easy to bulk delete.
  • Get a copy of Sink Reflections and make it your bible. Sink Reflections is, in my opinion, the easiest way to make the FlyLady system work for you. I highlight key parts, make notes in the margins, and put post-it notes in my copy.
  • Stock up on cleaning wipes. In the early days, these will be a godsend for wiping your kitchen countertops, doing the swish and swipe, and cleaning up general messes. You can always move to more eco-friendly solutions once you are more established.
  • Adapt the FlyLady zones to suit your home. This especially important if you are following FlyLady in the UK. Our homes are different to those in the US, and rooms like the “guest bathroom” are merely a dream for many of us.
  • The FlyLady daily missions can be useful, but if your home is full of cluttered I’d recommend focusing on getting the clutter cleared instead. Once that’s done, you can either opt to follow the daily missions or move onto the zone cleaning.
  • The weekly home blessing can also be adapted to suit your home. For example, there’s not a chance in hell I can vacuum all three floors of my house in ten minutes, especially as I’m a husky owner who needs to empty the vacuum after I vacuum one room. So I allow more time for vacuuming and reduce my magazine culling.  I also try to split my home blessing over 3 days rather than doing it in one go.
  • Automate as much as possible. I use as many hacks as I can. Reminders go on my phone, I set up regular online orders for necessities, and I even use a robot vacuum cleaner regularly to control the floor messes.
  • Make the bed and shine the sink. I used to ignore the sink shining stuff. It annoyed me. However, once I embraced it, it made a big difference. Making the bed is the same – it helps me to keep my bedroom looking lovely.
  • Don’t let it control your life. It should fit into your existing life, it’s supposed to make things easier, not harder. So if you feel unwell then take a break. If you have plans, keep them. The only aspect of Flying that you should always do is taking care of yourself.
  • Crystal Paine has a great system to help you build your morning and evening routines. I’d recommend using her services in conjunction with your beginner’s baby steps to develop the perfect routine for you.

I hope these tips help you to stick with the FlyLady system, even when FlyLady doesn’t work at first. You’ll notice I’ve not mentioned the FlyLady control journal. This is because I’ve not yet found the ideal way to keep a control journal. The binder system isn’t working well for me so I’m using my copy of Sink Reflections to keep hold of my notes with a mobile app for reminders. I’d love to hear your ideas for a functional control journal that is working for you. Please leave these ideas in the comments section below and help me in my FlyLady journey.

Having a beautiful home is fundamental for a stress-free life and a happy family. I’m certain that FlyLady is the best system to keep on top of the home, but I’m willing to review other options. Any suggestions are most welcome.


Getting Dressed to Lace Up Shoes – Can it Be Done?

A selection of products used when getting dressed to lace up shoes

FlyLady wants me dressed to lace up shoes every morning. Ugh, even on Saturdays?

I work from home. And I’ll admit before the school run I see no point in getting dressed. So I sit and work in my nightclothes. Then I realise it’s 8.30am and I need to leave the house in 15 minutes. Cue bag-lady who doesn’t have a clue.

I am so sick of looking awful. So maybe getting dressed before I even touch that laptop is good for me. My goal is to look photo-ready every day of my life (even when sick – hahaha). I hope that my doing this I will also be setting a good example for the boys, who are terrible at getting dressed in the morning (especially at weekends and during the school holidays).

A woman working after getting dressed to lace up shoes

What is Stopping Me Getting Dressed to Lace Up Shoes?

One of my issues is that I don’t like how I look in my clothes and make-up. Nothing seems to suit me. I’m a little overweight and I don’t have a personal style. So I’ve taken some steps to feeling better about getting dressed in the morning:

  • I’m ordered a digital colour analysis from Cardigan Empire. This will advise me of the best colours for my complexion. I can use this to select the most suitable clothes and make-up for me.
  • I’ve started an account with Dressipi. This selects the best clothes for my figure and style and gives me a selection that I can use as inspiration or buy directly.
  • I’ve started the Weight Watchers diet plan. I’ve successfully lost a lot of weight with this programme in the past, so I’m confident I shall be able to do this again.

My new morning routine will start with getting dressed to lace up shoes before I set foot downstairs. I’ll take time to fix my hair and make-up. And I’ll take a photo of myself every morning to remind me that I’m Flying on a journey to peace and happiness.


A New Journey – Flying From Chaos

A lady with a cup of tea enjoying sustainable living

Let me tell you a little about my life. I’m in CHAOS! My home is a cluttered mess, I’m always missing appointments, I pay out a fortune in private medical fees because I haven’t got around to registering with a doctor, and I live on takeout and trash food. I am exhausted. I work full-time from my home, I’m a mum to two children, and I’m married to a man who both works and studies full-time.

One morning I woke up and realised I wanted to change. I wanted to feel relaxed and peaceful. I thought about the last time I felt that way. It was when I was Flying with the Flylady back in 2007-2009. I had a newborn son who was in a wonderful routine, my home was clean and tidy, and I felt so peaceful. I remember being the envy of my new mum friends because I had everything under control.

When we moved home in 2009 I thought I didn’t need to use Flylady anymore. I fell pregnant with my second son and just lost my way. And I could never work out why I couldn’t get it back. Eventually, I got less and less organised, forgetting appointments, spending more than I earned, and generally losing the plot!

A cup of coffee whilst I write about my flylady journey

My New Flylady Journey

Fast forward to today and here I am, saying enough is enough. I want to start Flying again. I want peace in my home. Happy children. A great marriage. So I purchased a new copy of Sink Reflections (my arrogant self gave away my old copy) and read through it.

Then I read through it again. And I shined my sink. It made a huge difference. By shining that sink I realised I wanted to keep dirty pots off the counter. So I loaded and emptied the dishwasher again and again until the dirty dishes had gone. My Flylady journey was underway.

The next step was to sign up to the email list. I remember finding the emails getting lost and overwhelming in my email account so I did something so obvious I can’t believe I never thought of it before. I set up an email account just for Flylady emails. So simple, yet so helpful. When FlyLady doesn’t work for me I find a solution.

I can’t wait to feel that peace I once had before when I was Flying back in 2007. Read along with me and leave your own advice on Flying with the Flylady.



Decluttering a House – Start With 5 Things

A laptop in a clutter free home

Yesterday I began my journey to minimalism by decluttering my emails. Today I’ll begin decluttering a house (my own) by simply getting rid of just five things. This is day two of the beginners’ minimalism task list that I’m currently following.

Why Is Decluttering a House Important?

Keeping your home clutter-free is key to living a minimalist lifestyle and clearing your head. It allows you to clean easily which is good for the health of you and your family. It also saves you money as you’ll no longer need to replace the stuff you can’t find. Nor will you be buying things you don’t need simply because they’ll clutter you home.

I’m a big fan of the Konmari system. I love the book and am part of an active Konmari group on Facebook. The method favours a clutter-free home and shows you how to achieve this easily. I’ll be decluttering my house with this system in mind.

The Konmari method for decluttering a house

The system advocates a particular order when decluttering. I’ve detailed it in this handy infographic.

a handy infographic showing you how to use the Konmari method when decluttering a house

With this order in mind, I’ll be starting with my clothes. Believe me, I have plenty that I no longer wear and have been waiting for an excuse to get rid of them. The category of clothes also encompasses anything you might wear, however, from shoes to accessories. It even includes old jewellery.

I have a lot of jewellery, most of which I adore, but there are some terrible pieces from my teens that I’ve still clung on to. Thankfully due to having a husband with amazing taste, plus a good friend who sells eclectic silver jewellery, I now have a gorgeous collection. Which brings me to my list of items I’m getting rid of…

1) A tacky pair of plastic hoop earrings

OK, so these were a mistake from my late teens, that for some unknown reason I’ve chosen to hang on to. They’ve successfully moved to six different houses but will be meeting their maker today. The only sad thing is that I’m unable to donate these due to hygiene reasons, so they’ll have to be binned. It’ll teach me the lesson to never buy tacky plastic jewellery again.

2) A pair of slightly too big shoes that I hate

My mother in law is lovely. Really lovely. However, she has a habit of buying things that she never wears. Then donates them to me. And I’m too polite to decline the donations. Resulting in a collection of shoes that are one size too big and not my style at all. I’ll be donating the worst pair to charity this week. And somebody who does enjoy that style can wear them, rather than them sitting in my bedroom gathering dust.

3) An un-ironable blouse

I loved this blouse. So much. It’s perfect in style, fit, and colour. That is until it’s washed. Because then it turns into an ironing nightmare. I cannot get the creases out of it for love nor money and have now given up on it. I’m hoping that someone with better ironing skills than me fall in love with it and is able to wear it. Sadly I’m not that person and never will be.

4) A hairpiece

I used to wear an extension piece in my hair. It hurt like hell and gave me split ends. Definitely not worth appearing to have long curly locks. It’s been sat getting tangled up with a bunch of other stuff for months now. It’s time to say goodbye and live with the natural hair God gave me.

5) Bobbly Tights

I have way too many pairs of terrible bobbly tights that I can no longer wear. Most of them are also misshapen. Technically there is more than one pair, but I’ll make an exception and throw them all out in one cathartic go. Farewell, bobbly tights – I won’t miss you.

If you’re considering decluttering a house why not start with getting rid of five things? And try the Konmari method for a systematic approach to decluttering and tidying. Let me know which five things you’d like to get rid of in the comments below.