Why I’m Going to Live Frugally

I earn good money. We’re certainly not living hand to mouth. But I want to start living frugally. I’ve noticed recently that our bills and monthly commitments are creeping up. And I don’t like it. I want to enjoy my money and not give it away for silly subscriptions we don’t really use. There are also credit card bills that have just crept up due to a lack of budget. It’s nothing we couldn’t have afforded out of our main salaries, but just casual money management that has resulted in these bills.

Changes I’m going to make

No new clothes

The only exception here is the kids, who continue to grow. I’ll review their clothes every summer and winter to decide what they need and how much. This will mean school uniforms, shoes, and casual clothes. They have a lot of casual clothes already at the moment which we need to declutter. My husband and I have plenty of clothes so there is no need to buy new for a long time.

Change my insurance

My home insurance is insanely high. I noticed recently when looking online at competitors. It’s just come up for renewal so I’ll be moving to a cheaper provider. I have a good no claims record so there is no reason for it to keep increasing at the rate it has been.

Buy food with a plan

For a long time we’ve shopped for food without purpose. We just pop to a shop when we fancy or need something. It becomes difficult to manage. I’ve just put through a large meat order which I will use as the basis of a good meal plan. And then shop weekly for the perishable items I can’t freeze.

Give my kitchen a good clean up

I hate my kitchen. It’s cluttered and feels dirty. This makes me less inclined to want to cook in there. I’m going to focus on cleaning it up so that I enjoy spending time in there cooking healthy meals for my family. It’s important that they get good food and it will save us money too.

Reduce our electricity usage

We’re paying a fortune for electricity right now. It’s mainly due to a long winter, but also the kids have been leaving on heaters, TVs, and lights frequently. I’m going to put an end to this and drive down the cost of our monthly direct debit.

A DIY break

Home improvements have been our biggest cost recently. We did a huge garden makeover and spent a lot on turf, furniture, and hiring a builder to lay a wall and built in BBQ. Now this has been completed I’m putting a hold on any DIY/Home improvement projects. I’ll be putting together a home emergency fund for the must have work (like the rendering or floorboard cracks).

This week

This week my main goal is to clean the house and start my cooking. I’m going to focus on building good habits in babysteps. I want to get to the end of the week without having ordered in or purchasing a ready-meal. I have a lot of food in stock so I’m going to strive to use all of this up prior to grocery shopping again.

I’m also going to spend at least 15 minutes per day clearing out my kitchen so I can create a lovely welcoming place to cook without spending money on DIY. Yes, I’d love to decorate the kitchen, but right now I need to enjoy what I already have.

I’m currently trying to lose weight, however I may need to steer slightly off my diet plan until I’ve completed this part of my money saving plan. However, this will be countered by the fact I’ll not be eating lazy takeaways or ready meals.

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