What Does Sustainable Living Mean To Me

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For a long time, my life has been one of materialism, gluttony, and indulgence. Until now. I’ve become conscious of the waste and self-harm I create with my lifestyle. Sustainable living is the key to living in an ethical and socially conscious manner that suits me.

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A Sustainable Living Journal

Inspired by the multitude of bloggers out there, my journey to a better, more ethically focused lifestyle will be documented over the months in this blog. Think of it as my not so personal journal, detailing the challenges, learnings, and experiences I have throughout my path to sustainable living.

Being aware of my own impact on the environment is important for me so that I may improve my future and the future of my children and possibly grandchildren.

In addition to sustainability I’ll also be adopting a minimalist lifestyle, and writing about my journey into minimalism. As a mother of two, I’d like to create a minimalist lifestyle that my kids will also benefit from, without them feeling as though they are missing out somewhere.

Finally, I’ll be considering my own personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of my family. I want to have a great physical and mental health, through good diet, routine, and self-care.

As babies both my sons were scheduled onto a feeding and sleeping routine, which I believed enabled them to be healthy and settled babies. Yet as older children, I’ve allowed this routine to dissipate, resulting in over-excited children who are unable to wind down and behave appropriately. My goal is to re-introduce routine into their lives and create a more harmonious family.

A Sustainable Living Diet

Part of my journey towards sustainability is a vegetarian diet. Unlike many vegetarians, I am not completely against the eating of animals. What I disagree with is the types of animals eaten and the farming methods used. Unfortunately, sustainable meats are not largely available in my town and therefore it is much easier for me to cut out meat altogether. And for now (until I’ve done further research) to cut out fish.

My youngest son is already eating a vegetarian diet by choice so the two of us will be eating the same meals. My husband and eldest son wish to continue to eat meat and I will respect their wishes and purchase them smaller cuts of free range meats from a local butcher.

I’m very interested in following this vegetarian recipe list for the month of January. I’ll need to give it a proper look through and check that everything on there is suitable for myself and my son.

A Sustainable Living Environment

We have a lovely 3 bedroom Victorian home in an urban area. It has a fairly small garden, predominantly due to the fact my husband hates mowing the lawn, and I suffer from debilitating grass allergies. It isn’t going to be the easiest home to create a sustainable living environment, however, I’m certain it can be done.

My primary goal will be to reduce household waste. I’ll be buying fewer pre-packaged food items, utilising leftover food in other meals, and adopting a minimalist lifestyle to ensure fewer things come into my home.

We’re avid recyclers, however, I’d prefer it if there were nothing to require recycling at all. I’m also keen to try upcycling, making something better out of waste.

Both my husband and I work from home, meaning we can easily adopt our sustainable lifestyle into the office. We’ll be looking at ways to do this throughout our journey.

Well this is a fairly short introduction to my sustainable living plan, for which I apologise. I imagine I’ll update it as my journey progresses. In the meantime, I’m learning and appreciate any tips or hints you have for me. Feel free to leave them in the comments below.


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