Renew Your Spirit

Sunday is renew your spirit day for FlyLady. I prefer to call it self-care day, as I’m not spiritual. Today I’m sharing my tips for renewing your spirit.

My FlyLady journey started a while ago now. I’ve had some ups and downs – moments during which FlyLady didn’t work for me. But with a number of tweaks and alternatives to FlyLady, I was able to get on track with the system.

Sunday is Renew Your Spirit Day

For many people, this means a trip to their church or house of worship. However, for secular people, it’s perhaps not so clear-cut.

As someone who doesn’t attend a house of worship, I’ve opted to renew my spirit with extreme self-care.

renew your spirit with a long bath

Ways to practice extreme self-care

  • Take a long hot bubble bath
  • Sunbathe in your garden
  • Have a massage and/or facial
  • Meditate
  • Watch old movies and drink hot chocolate
  • Play board games
  • Have a big meal
  • Binge watch your favourite TV show
  • Make up a sofa bed and spend the day napping and watching a rental movie
  • Have a huge brunch with coffee
  • Buy yourself a big bouquet

How I’m Renewing My Spirit Today

It’s gorgeous weather today so I’ve been renewing my spirit in the back garden. I’ve had the bubble machine running to fill the area with beautiful bubbles. I’m drinking tropical soda on the sun lounger.

The children are in the pool playing. I’m avoiding the pool today as I’m not in the mood. It’s nice to just watch them enjoy themselves. Although, I did dip my feet in to cool down a little.

The evening

This evening I’m planning a steak dinner for the family followed by a game of Scrabble. Then a shower before I settle down to watch Love Island.

I’ve got work tomorrow so I’ll be making sure I take an early night.

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