New Year, New You – Say Bye to the Mess

It’s a fresh new year! Are you ready for a fresh new you? Well get reading because here’s my guide to a new year, new you!

I’ve always proudly declared myself a hot mess. I’m full of so much love for my husband and family, but never really cared about myself. At the end of last year, however, something changed in me. I started to gain control of my reality.

I’d always connected these organised people with being super boring. Why be organised when you can drink gin, watch fun TV shows, and have a giggle with your family?

I realised last year, though, that forgetting appointments, and losing stuff isn’t that fun. And actually, I was perpetually exhausted, because I wasn’t taking care of myself. My husband felt the same.

How to embrace the new year with a new you!

My diet and weight

I haven’t gotten on the scales in a long time. But two weeks ago I decided it was time to see whether I was shrinking my clothes or getting too big for them! Turns out I’d gain nearly 3 stone in the past 3 years. Not good right?

I decided to register with Weight Watchers Online. The new plan, Flex, promotes both weight loss and healthy living. Which is what I wanted. I’m 35 years old, I want to feel full of energy and healthy. Eating well is incredibly important.

Already, I’ve lost 7lbs! And I’m starting to feel better about myself.

My home

The house isn’t a dump, but it’s always been a little untidy. Particularly the bedrooms. I work full-time from home and was waking up super early so my children never had to be home whilst I was working. So I was always really tired by the school run. I’ve also been very soft on my children and not made them help around the house.

This has now changed. I’m getting up a little later and starting work later. And as soon as we get home from the school run, we set the Echo Dot to time 30 minutes. These 30 minutes are dedicated to tidying and cleaning the house. Which we all do.

That’s the equivalent of two hours a day (the only exception being Tuesday when the boys go to their grandparents for supper).

My finances

I registered with Cleo and also opened a Monzo account. This is helping us keep on top of our outgoings better. We have plenty of money coming in, unfortunately we just ignored where it went. We’re now starting to think more strategically about spending money.

We have a budget, but it’s not a scary tight one. We budget for home improvements (it’s an investment in our wellbeing), for food, for entertainment, and for celebrations.

What is motivating me?

Essentially, I want to take my enjoyment of life to the next level. I want every waking day to be blissful and serene. I want my money to be spent on things I love, and to be healthy enough to enjoy it for a long time.

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