I’m Done With Social Media

So I’ve given up Twitter and Facebook! I’m done with it.

Here’s the thing. I’m 90’s generation. We witnessed the birth of the public world wide web. We embraced online anonymity. And we were excited about what the internet would bring. What I never anticipated was a mash of virtue signalling, online judge and jury, abuse, and gross behaviour. So I’m done with it.

The only site I’m undecided on is Instagram. Mainly because it’s easier to control what you see. And mainly images. But I’m still unsure.

It’s been over a month since I deleted Facebook from my phone. Only two days since I deleted Twitter. But I’m not missing either. Twitter is going to be slightly more difficult because I use it for work, but when I’m working I can avoid the feed and just focus on the accounts I need to.

I’ll keep you all updated on my breakup with SM! Have a great day 🙂


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