How to Watch TV for FREE! Or Very Little.

how to watch tv free

I gotta say – I love watching TV. But lately, I’ve been trying to find out how to watch TV free. Legally. Sky TV will set you back £20 a month for 18 months, giving you plenty of channels, but no movies or kids channels. Virgin Media is a bit more complicated because you have to buy bundles. The cheapest I could find was £29 a month for 12 months. But the shocker is – Sky goes up to £25 a month and Virgin Media a whopping £48 a month!

To get free TV I recommend a Roku Stick. It’s the most versatile of the streaming sticks and allows you to access tonnes of great content. For £29 (the cost of a month of Virgin Media) you can get all the apps you’ll need. You also need an internet connection.

Free TV Streaming in the UK

So I’ll start with the better-known TV channels. The 4 main television channels all offer free content via Smart TV apps. Please note if you plan to live stream content from the BBC you will need to purchase a TV Licence.

BBC iPlayer

I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge BBC watcher. However, I do know that the BBC app BBC iPlayer has loads of content available. Eleven channels worth of viewing or listening is available at your fingertips.


I love, love, love the ITV Hub. The content is fantastic. You can watch both live TV broadcasts and catch up streams. There are six channels available including the kid’s channel CITV.

All 4

Channel 4 offers us All 4 a five channel streaming and catch up service. It includes a dedicated film channel Film4. The catch-up service also includes box sets of some great shows. You can find entertainment forever here!


My5 has content from six channels. It’s not as easy to navigate as some of the other services, however, the content is brilliant and available the day after being broadcast. There are plenty of kids shows included, as well as the content for adults.

So we already have 28 channels available to us completely free! If you are somebody who doesn’t watch a lot of TV, you probably won’t need anymore. For those of you who do – there’s more!


This is more of an addon to the apps above. TVCatchup allows you to watch 29 live channels, some of which you can access on the apps above, some which you can’t. If you enjoy shopping channels – this is your app!


Lots of great content from four channels, Dave, Yesterday, Really, and Drama. UKTV Play is not as comprehensive as some of the other apps, but you can still find some brilliant shows on there.


It’s no longer just for people falling on their backsides! YouTube has some awesome content available. It can take some searching, but once you find a channel you enjoy – subscribe to it and get updated when a new show goes live.

Other Roku apps

If you do opt for the Roku streaming stick, I recommend checking out their various apps. You’re sure to find the content you’ll enjoy!

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Cheaper Alternative to Cable TV

If you’re a heavy TV viewer, you might want to include a streaming subscription or two. I have three streaming services I subscribe to that may or may not appeal to you.


Sometimes I enjoy Netflix, but other times it’s not right for me. That being said it streams so much content! It’s a household name so unlikely I’m telling you anything new. You start with a free trial so if you’re not ready to commit, take a trial and see what you think. There are 3 payment plans; £5.99 for a basic SD plan for one screen, £7.99 for an HD plan on two screens, and £9.99 for a super HD plan on 4 screens. We currently use the £7.99 option.

Now TV

My favourite streaming app. Difficult to give you a price for Now TV as it differs depending on how you purchase it. They also have great retention offers. I currently pay nothing for the entertainment package until September (a voucher we got) and I pay £3.99 a month for the Sky Cinema pass. The internet standard price is £9.99 for Sky Cinema and £7.99 for Sky Entertainment. However, buying the vouchers on Amazon will work out cheaper if you are not getting a cancellation offer. Sky Cinema gives you access to over 1000 movies on demand. Sky Entertainment streams 11 TV channels and has over 300 box sets.

Amazon Prime

I’m not a fan of Amazon Prime, but I will say if you are using the delivery stuff then the TV is an added bonus. It’s a pain to navigate, but for £7.99 per month plus free next day delivery on Amazon products, it’s not the worst deal ever! You also get a free 30-day trial.

Do you have any preferred ways to watch TV for free? Leave me your recommendations in the comments below.

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