How To Live A Glamorous Life On A Budget

How to live a glamorous life on a budget

I adore glamour. Beautiful things, wonderful travel, champagne on ice, you name it. Having two children and a mortgage doesn’t exactly leave me with a Kardashian budget though! So I’ve learned how to live a glamorous life on a budget. And I’m keen to share my secrets with you too!

How To Live A Glamorous Life On A Budget

  1. Utilise sites like Groupon or Wowcher for cheaper nights out and beauty treatments
  2. Keep your home clean and well fragranced for glamour the second you step through the door
  3. Eat a well-balanced diet and get plenty of sleep
  4. Don’t save things for special occasions – make every day special!
  5. Wear high-quality timeless pieces and simple jewellery
  6. Prioritise your spending for quality over quantity
  7. Hold yourself with confidence and elegance
  8. Buy cut flowers and scented candles for simple, yet effective luxury
  9. Learn to cook gorgeous meals for glamorous evening dinners
  10. Take care of your appearance

Cheaper nights out and beauty treatments

Enjoying a fabulous meal at a stunning restaurant is the height of glamour. Find some of the best deals for and bars using discount sites such as Groupon.  Whether it’s afternoon tea at Patisserie Valerie or a delicious Indian banquet for two, you’re sure to find a venue for a glamorous date night. If you’re wondering how to live a glamorous life on a budget, Groupon is the perfect starting point.

A woman reading up on how to live a glamorous life on a budget

Another great use for Groupon is beauty therapy. You can find hairdressers, manicurists, and beauty therapists all offering their services at heavy discounts. It’s the ideal way to enjoy luxurious pampering without the luxury price tag.

Keeping your home clean and fragranced

There is nothing more delightful than stepping into a clean, tidy, and sweet smelling home. A regular cleaning routine will help with this. I absolutely adore Housekeeping 365, part of the Brocante Home School of Life. This is a more in-depth alternative to Flylady, that gives you a list of daily tasks in a handy calendar format. For every day of the year!

Take care of yourself with diet and sleep

Learn to eat well and take better care of yourself. A good diet will give you more energy, better skin, and a great body. But it can be hard can’t it? So identify the good foods you love and work your diet around them. Don’t try to punish yourself by eating Kale if you absolutely hate the stuff.

If you’re on a super-tight budget then I’d recommend taking a look at Jack Monroe’s recipes. These seriously gorgeous and healthy meals cost mere pennies to prepare. Even if things aren’t incredibly tight, the meals are still really nice, so give them a try.

On top of this, you need to ensure you’re getting around seven hours of sleep every night. Good sleep is the key to a great day. Try using aromatherapy essential oils to help you to get a better night.

Make every day special

I don’t believe in “saving the good china for best”. Every day should be best for you. So wear your best underwear on a Monday in May, use your favourite candles for an evening in front of TV, and drink your nicest red wine whilst watching a movie with your other half.

Wear quality over quantity

I’m a huge fan of buying timeless, high-quality pieces over the trend of the month. Especially for women over 30. High fashion isn’t often designed with the post-baby body in mind. Brand Alley is a brilliant place to purchase low-cost quality items from brands such as Whistles, Reiss, or Petit Bateau. You’ll even occasionally find items like Mulberry bags available at deep discounts. I’d highly recommend taking a look.

You may also want to have your colours analysed to find those that suit you the best. After having my own colours assessed I’ve completely revamped my wardrobe with quality classic pieces that suit me and look amazing.

And keep quality over quantity for the rest of your spending

Buy good quality ingredients to make delicious meals. Spend extra on two gorgeous sets of bed linens, rather than buying lots of cheaper low thread count sets. Invest in high fragrance gorgeous candles over the cheap supermarket brands. Enjoy one good bottle of high-quality red wine per week over 3 bottles of cheaper plonk. Opt for gorgeous vintage furniture before you step through the doors of Ikea.

Hold yourself with confidence and elegance

cut flowers are the height of glamour

If you’re taking care of yourself and dressing well, this should come naturally! Hold your head high and walk with confidence. Embody impeccable manners. Avoid being overly loud and crass. Nobody likes to hear the conversations of others above their own!

Buy cut flowers and lovely candles

Nothing brings me more joy than a simple arrangement of cut flowers. Buying seasonal flowers will keep costs down when you’re learning how to live a glamorous life on a budget. Tulips are very reasonably priced at the moment and have a great lifespan.

I’m a huge fan of Shearer Candles. They have a wonderfully strong smell and look fabulous. Amber Noir is my favourite within their range. Pick up a few of your favourite scents and enjoy a blissful luxurious evening surrounded by candlelight and wonderfully fragranced.

Learn to cook glamorous meals

Don’t go out and buy a recipe book. Find gorgeous quality evening meal recipes on sites like The Glamorous Gourmet. I recommend getting an Evernote account and clipping recipes using the Chrome extension. Enjoy cooking your evening meal by playing relaxing jazz music whilst you cook and enjoying a small glass of quality red wine.

Serve meals at the table by candlelight for a gorgeous glamorous mealtime.

Take care of your appearance

Clear skin, great hair, manicured nails, and a great figure will all make you feel like the most glamorous woman in the world. Maintain a simple regular skin care routine with the occasional luxury facial (either at home or using a Groupon offer). Get regular haircuts and use a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Ensure your style is low maintenance so you don’t need to spend hours looking good.

Eating well is also key to looking great. The Change4Life site is a brilliant site to help you learn how to enjoy a healthy lifestyle for both you and your family.

Learning how to live a glamorous life on a budget doesn’t take a lot of work. Nor does it require a miracle of sorts. Just remember – less is more! How do you enjoy glamour on a budget? Let me know in the comments below.

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