How to Cope After Getting Very Sick

It can be so hard to maintain control when your body doesn’t work the way you want it to. Whenever I get sick it’s often due to poor self-care. I’ve put together my own guide to coping after getting very sick.

I first wrote this post on 17th May 2017. I’d just had my Kenalog Injection and hadn’t been eating very healthy food. I was tired, aching, and full of cold.

We’re often conditioned to fight through our illnesses by dosing up on cold and flu remedies that are advertised to help us work through getting very sick. This attitude was created by the cold and flu manufacturers to sell their products! What we should be doing is resting.

Getting very sick – self-care tips

A cup of tea is great when you are getting very sick

  • Avoid the alcohol (with the exception of brandy to help sleep). Alcohol will delay your recovery time.
  • Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. I love putting lots of fresh vegetables in my blender with some stock to create a recovery soup. Adding chili also helps.
  • Take time to relax and read. Reading is such a soothing activity and is great for when you are feeling unwell. Catch up on your reading list.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Sleep is fundamental to recovery and should be prioritised. Even if it’s a nap during the day. Don’t ignore your body when it’s telling you it’s tired.
  • Take time off work. Don’t go to the office and spread germs all over the place. You’ll only annoy people when they start getting very sick too!
  • Take some light exercise. Walking for 15-30 minutes a day will help you fight the bugs without over-doing it!
  • Be around people you love. They will want to take care of you and provide you with love. I fundamentally believe love is a healer.

How to keep your home clean when sick

If you are already following FlyLady in the UK you’ll have easy to follow routines that keep your home tidy. Prioritise the ones that will have the biggest impact:

  • Make your best
  • Get dressed
  • Swish and swipe
  • Laundry
  • 5-minute room rescue
  • Hotspot clearing

Ask your loved ones to help out with everything else. And use your timer to ensure you never spend longer than 5 minutes cleaning without a rest. Normally it’s 15 minutes, but when you’re sick it’s only 5 minutes, please!

Be a grown up!

If you keep getting very sick then you need to be a grown up and see your doctor. I’m not one to talk – I spent nearly two years without an NHS doctor, which was very stupid of me.

It’s also important to take preventative care by booking wellbeing checks regularly. Think of your body like a car. It needs good fuel, and a regular service and MOT. Insurance isn’t a bad idea either.

How do you cope when getting very sick? Let me know in the comments below.


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