Getting Dressed to Lace Up Shoes – Can it Be Done?

A selection of products used when getting dressed to lace up shoes

FlyLady wants me dressed to lace up shoes every morning. Ugh, even on Saturdays?

I work from home. And I’ll admit before the school run I see no point in getting dressed. So I sit and work in my nightclothes. Then I realise it’s 8.30am and I need to leave the house in 15 minutes. Cue bag-lady who doesn’t have a clue.

I am so sick of looking awful. So maybe getting dressed before I even touch that laptop is good for me. My goal is to look photo-ready every day of my life (even when sick – hahaha). I hope that my doing this I will also be setting a good example for the boys, who are terrible at getting dressed in the morning (especially at weekends and during the school holidays).

A woman working after getting dressed to lace up shoes

What is Stopping Me Getting Dressed to Lace Up Shoes?

One of my issues is that I don’t like how I look in my clothes and make-up. Nothing seems to suit me. I’m a little overweight and I don’t have a personal style. So I’ve taken some steps to feeling better about getting dressed in the morning:

  • I’m ordered a digital colour analysis from Cardigan Empire. This will advise me of the best colours for my complexion. I can use this to select the most suitable clothes and make-up for me.
  • I’ve started an account with Dressipi. This selects the best clothes for my figure and style and gives me a selection that I can use as inspiration or buy directly.
  • I’ve started the Weight Watchers diet plan. I’ve successfully lost a lot of weight with this programme in the past, so I’m confident I shall be able to do this again.

My new morning routine will start with getting dressed to lace up shoes before I set foot downstairs. I’ll take time to fix my hair and make-up. And I’ll take a photo of myself every morning to remind me that I’m Flying on a journey to peace and happiness.

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