My frugal tasks for today

Cleaning my kitchen as part as my frugal tasks

Hi everyone! How are you on this beautiful day? Today I’m setting out my frugal journey with a short list of frugal tasks I’m doing.

Being frugal isn’t always easy. So I love using babysteps to keep myself on track. I’ve seen quite a few frugal task lists online and it seems like a fantastic idea!

Frugal Tasks – List

  1. Clean up my kitchen
    Who loves cleaning? Not me! As you know I’m a big advocate of the FlyLady method. FlyLady is a very frugal alternative to outsourced cleaning. It feels like you have a cleaner when actually you’re doing it all yourself. I’m working through my kitchen in babysteps. I started just clearing one end of the kitchen, getting rid of trash, putting things away, and wiping the counters. I’ll keep going at it until it’s finished and I have a lovely clean functioning kitchen to cook in.
  2. Going to the carnival
    A carnival was on my frugal tasklist

    This is a FREE event in my community and celebrates all of our local cultures. The parade is lots of fun and a great source of entertainment. This year the parade theme was WWII, which my eldest was very excited about as he loves learning about our wars. After the parade, we all go to the local park for the carnival. There are stalls, performances, and fairground rides there. We took a small amount of money so the boys could have one ride and one treat. Check out your local town’s papers or social media accounts to find out the latest free events in your area.
  3. Cooking my own Chinese meal
    I have a great recipe for Chinese lemon chicken that I’ll be making for tonight’s dinner. This saves us a fortune on takeout prices, plus it’s far healthier for us all. Cooking from scratch is one of my favourite frugal tasks as it means I’m creating something that makes my family happy. All whilst saving money. Often the boys will get involved and help out with the cooking which is such a nice activity for us, as well as teaching them an important skill for when they grow up.

Why have a frugal task list?

It’s great to have a plan of frugal tasks throughout the day. I find it really allows me to stay focused on my journey into thrifty living. I’m able to look at it at the end of the day and get that great sense of achievement that comes with frugal living.

Have a look at various frugal blogs and take inspiration from their money-saving task lists. See what you can replicate yourself and get that spending under control.

What frugal things did you do today? Share your frugal tasklists with me and lets inspire one another.

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