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FlyLady UK. It’s not really a thing, is it? The problem with FlyLady for the UK audience is that it’s so US-centric it really doesn’t account for the cultural differences that we Brits have. Homeschooling is not a big thing over here, homemakers are few and far between, and our groceries can be purchased and delivered without the need for us to leave our beds.

I’ve found one of the most difficult issues with following FlyLady, is the lack of information for a UK audience. It’s not surprising really, given the Marla is from the US, but it still makes Flying in the UK that bit more difficult overall. Not impossible, though – so don’t give up!

To help my UK Flybabies, I’ve put together a UK-centric adaptation of the FlyLady system. I’ve broken it down into a similar way as the original, but the content is very different.

A laptop and tea from a FlyLady UK flybaby

FlyLady UK Morning Routine

  • Get up and have a cup of tea or coffee
  • Empty the dishwasher or dry last night’s pots
  • Shower, get dressed and put your slippers on
  • Swish and swipe
  • Make your bed
  • Get the kids up and into their uniforms
  • Have some cereal or toast
  • Do the school run

FlyLady UK Evening Routine

  • Make dinner and eat it
  • Finish loading the dishwasher or wash up
  • Get the kids bathed and into bed
  • Get the washing away and do the ironing
  • Make sure the kids have their school uniform
  • Sort your clothes out too
  • Have a cup of tea
  • Shine the sink
  • Clear off the hotspots
  • Watch telly
  • Go to bed

FlyLady UK Weekly Home Blessing

  • 20 Minutes vacuuming
  • Empty bins
  • Polish furniture
  • Mop the bathroom and kitchen
  • Change the beds
  • Clean the windows

FlyLady UK Zones

  1. Dining Room
  2. Kitchen
  3. Bathroom and Kid’s rooms
  4. Main bedroom, landing, hall, and stairs
  5. Living room

FlyLady UK Weekly Routine

  1. Home blessing day
  2. Online shopping day
  3. Zone cleaning day
  4. Paperwork day
  5. Cleaning out the car/bag and date/party night
  6. Family day
  7. Pampering day (or church if you’re so inclined)

Following FlyLady in the UK is fun if you learn to adapt the techniques and ignore the cultural differences. And we can enhance the system with additional services. I’ve mentioned before what a fan I am of Crystal Paine and the “make over your mornings” and “make over your evenings courses“. Both of these courses work with the FlyLady UK methods.

Ensure you also prep reminders to put out your bins. I add a normal bin and recycling bin reminder to match my collection schedule. The night before the bin collection, get everything in there and pop it on the street.

Automate what you can. Get your groceries delivered using one of the major supermarkets, to allow you to save valuable time for the more important things in life. Like spending time with the kids, or enjoying a glass of wine!

Above all treat your home like a castle, regardless of where you live. You should be happy living there 24/7 and not dread the thought of stepping through the front door. Your home is your sanctuary and should be treated that way without question.

If you follow FlyLady in the UK what are your favourite tips? Share them in the comments below.


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