How to Follow FlyLady on a Budget

I’ve not written about my Flylady journey for a while. So given that I’m now working hard to live on a budget, I decided it was time to revisit my Flying life on the blog. What I’m focusing on today is how to follow FlyLady on a budget.

What is FlyLady on a Budget?

Following FlyLady on a budget means you use the most cost-effective tools and products to get the job done. If you follow FlyLady in the UK, you’ll already know that buying the products on the site cost a fortune in shipping. And that’s not even including the insane customs prices.

By shopping around locally, you can find the best products to follow FlyLady on a budget.

Don't forget to shine your sink when following FlyLady on a budget

Can FlyLady Save You Money?

One word – YES! There are so many ways that Flylady can save you plenty of money.

  1. You stop losing things! By decluttering, you can ensure you don’t need to replace lost items that you need.
  2. You only buy what you need in your grocery shop. Flylady advocates meal planning, so you’re sure to buy only what you need.
  3. You have all of your renewal dates to hand. You’ll keep an up to date diary, so you can shop around for better insurance offers every time renewals come around.
  4. You don’t need to pay for a cleaner! This is something I’ve been considering lately, but I’ve decided to stick with Flylady and do all of my cleaning myself.

How Can I Follow FlyLady on a Budget?

Fairly easily really. I’d avoid spending money on the various products. Yes, the testimonials are tempting – but shipping to the UK is super expensive, and you can get really good quality products much cheaper.

  • Use Google Calendar rather than a printed version. You can sync it on your phone saving on the cost of a calendar and diary. You can also share it with family members so they also know what’s happening.
  • Check out stores like Home Bargains or B&M for brilliant mops, cloths, and other cleaning products. Microfibre cloths are really great and cheap.
  • Use your phone timer rather than buying one. There’s no need to get a standalone timer.
  • Utilise the internet. There is so much free content out there!!!
  • My own website has a summary of FlyLady in a nutshell. If you don’t want to buy the book you have everything you need there. You could also buy the book second hand from Amazon.

Do you follow Flylady on a budget? Let me know your favourite tips in the comments below!

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