My FlyLady Morning Routine – Changes I’ve Made

My laptop and coffee part of my FlyLady morning routine

You can’t talk about the FlyLady cleaning system without talking about your routines. Which is why I’m not going to share my FlyLady morning routine and how I adapted the FlyLady routines to work for me. I’ve discussed how I adapt when FlyLady doesn’t work for me in a previous post – and her morning routine suggestions certainly didn’t work for a number of reasons.

Why I Needed to Adapt My FlyLady Morning Routine

I realised I needed to make a few tweaks to the prescribed routine that FlyLady gave me the second I realised she expected me to get dressed before doing anything else. Here’s the deal – I wake up about an hour before my husband. It’s dark and if I switch the lights on to dress and do my hair and make-up, I’ll be faced with one grumpy as hell husband!

So I go downstairs in my dressing gown (send the FlyLady police my way!), drink my coffee, and do 90 minutes of work on my laptop.

I also have to wait until my husband gets up before I can make the bed. He never makes the bed, so I do that task when I get dressed.

A cup of coffee - fundamental to my FlyLady morning routine

FlyLady Daily Flight Plan? No Thanks – I Don’t Bother

Sorry, I also don’t bother with the daily flight plan. My world is so different to the one presented in the FlyLady plan that it just doesn’t fit in with the fixed format daily flight plan. So again I adapt it to suit me. I’m not getting up on a Monday and finishing my weekly home blessing by 9 am. It doesn’t work with my schedule. As I progress through my FlyLady journey I continually adapt it to suit me.

So Here Is My Morning Routine

I get up (at 5.30 am) and get my dressing gown and slipper socks on. I then go and make myself a coffee (Maple Bourbon Pecan Skinny Latte). I crank up the laptop and do 90 minutes of work. I tend to unload the dishwasher whilst the coffee brews.

I then get the kids up and serve their breakfast and feed the dogs. Whilst they eat I go to the bathroom and do my “swish and swipe”. Which is wiping down the sink and loo with cleaning wipes and bleaching the toilet bowl. I don’t like toilet brushes so my “swish” is more of a “bleach”.

Then I take a shower, get dressed, and fix my hair and make-up. At this point, I make my bed as part of my FlyLady morning routine. I also clear my bedroom “hotspots” (my bedside tables) of any glasses or medicines that I took to bed the night before. I also grab a load of laundry and get that running too.

Finally, I load the breakfast dishes into the dishwasher, get my shoes on, and take the kids to school.

How does my morning routine help me?

  • It allows me to get some work done when I’m at my best (I’m a morning girl)
  • I get tasks done methodically so it doesn’t feel like I’m overdoing it
  • It forces me to get ready (I work from home so could work in my PJs if I wanted)
  • It ensures my bathroom stays clean
  • I always get my lovely morning latte

How Can You Start Your FlyLady Routine?

I’d recommend starting with a fixed wake-up time and fitting in the following goals in whichever order suits you:

  • Getting dressed
  • Having your breakfast and/or coffee
  • Swishing and swiping (or wiping and bleaching)
  • Unloading the dishwasher
  • Making the bed
  • Starting the laundry

Then you need to fit in any other tasks that need to be done, such as feeding the pets or kids. A great resource to build on your morning routine is Crystal Paine’s “make over your mornings” course. I’m a huge fan of this course and would certainly recommend it to anyone looking to get creative with their FlyLady morning routine.

Let me know your own morning routines in the comments below. Do you follow the FlyLady method to the letter? Or do you use an adapted approach like I do?

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