A New Journey – Flying From Chaos

Let me tell you a little about my life. I’m in CHAOS! My home is a cluttered mess, I’m always missing appointments, I pay out a fortune in private medical fees because I haven’t got around to registering with a doctor, and I live on takeout and trash food. I am exhausted. I work full-time from my home, I’m a mum to two children, and I’m married to a man who both works and studies full-time.

One morning I woke up and realised I wanted to change. I wanted to feel relaxed and peaceful. I thought about the last time I felt that way. It was when I was Flying with the Flylady back in 2007-2009. I had a newborn son who was in a wonderful routine, my home was clean and tidy, and I felt so peaceful. I remember being the envy of my new mum friends because I had everything under control.

When we moved home in 2009 I thought I didn’t need to use Flylady anymore. I fell pregnant with my second son and just lost my way. And I could never work out why I couldn’t get it back. Eventually, I got less and less organised, forgetting appointments, spending more than I earned, and generally losing the plot!

A cup of coffee whilst I write about my flylady journey

My New Flylady Journey

Fast forward to today and here I am, saying enough is enough. I want to start Flying again. I want peace in my home. Happy children. A great marriage. So I purchased a new copy of Sink Reflections (my arrogant self gave away my old copy) and read through it.

Then I read through it again. And I shined my sink. It made a huge difference. By shining that sink I realised I wanted to keep dirty pots off the counter. So I loaded and emptied the dishwasher again and again until the dirty dishes had gone. My Flylady journey was underway.

The next step was to sign up to the email list. I remember finding the emails getting lost and overwhelming in my email account so I did something so obvious I can’t believe I never thought of it before. I set up an email account just for Flylady emails. So simple, yet so helpful. When FlyLady doesn’t work for me I find a solution.

I can’t wait to feel that peace I once had before when I was Flying back in 2007. Read along with me and leave your own advice on Flying with the Flylady.


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