Damn I’m a Mess

I’m not even sure where to begin. I started this blog to get to grips with Flylady. But to be honest with you all. Flylady still isn’t working for me. It all gets so overwhelming and doesn’t suit my working day. I’m sad I haven’t been able to make it work, but I’m determined to make something work for me.

Clutter on stairs

So I thought I’d begin by listing the issues I currently have:

  1. I’m tired. Really really tired. Claustrophobic, exhausted, and completely fed up.
  2. My house is not my house. Well, it is, but emotionally I’m a guest. I’m at the mercy of everyone else.
  3. I’m unhealthy and overweight. Contributing to point one.
  4. My children rule the roost. They do what they want.
  5. My dogs try to rule the roost. They mark and try getting into out of bounds areas.
  6. I’m overscheduled. Whether it be work, family, obligations. It’s all too much for me.
  7. I’m full of guilt. And people play on this. Resulting in point six.
  8. I eat terribly. Contributing to point three.
  9. I waste time. I’m a perfectionist so nothing gets done. Probably because of point one too.
  10. I’m broke. I never have any money, despite earning plenty, because our household income continues to be split unevenly.

Right now my home smells awful, I’m feeling crap, and the things and people around me make me feel worse. I’m at a total loss.

Today I’m making myself accountable for the things that get me down. I’m going to go into the city in a bit to get my hayfever injection. Then I’m going to go and browse some lovely little boutiques before I come home. And whilst I’m alone I’m going to think about what I can do to improve my life.

But first – coffee.

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