Finally Loving Myself – My Colour Analysis

Pretty jelly sweets for a colour analysis

One of FlyLady’s mantras is “Finally Loving Yourself”. FlyLady advocates taking care of yourself and your appearance. To help me love myself I arranged a full-colour analysis with a view to revamping my wardrobe and clearing out the clutter I didn’t wear. The results surprised me!

When I first went back to FlyLady, I knew I wanted to get the pampering right. I wanted to look my best on a daily basis. I knew I wasn’t happy with my wardrobe of dowdy clothing and my unflattering make-up that made me look like a low rent drag queen. I needed to make a change.

I signed up to the Weight Watchers slimming programme to lose the weight I’d gained over the last couple of years, as a result of stress eating and drinking. This is having a huge benefit on my health too, as I’m eating better food and drinking much less.

The other service I decided to use was the Colour Analysis assessment from Cardigan Empire. This is a fantastic service and will only set you back $15. After you order and pay for your assessment, the wonderful Reachel Bagley sends you a fact-finding questionnaire to fill in and also requests a photo of your face and a close up of your eyes. I sent two photos, one in the summer and one in the winter, as I tend to look different in both seasons.

The Colour Analysis Process

The process took around 2-3  weeks in total. Reachel sent me my results and I was surprised! I’m a Cool Summer. Which totally explains why I never looked quite right. I thought I was a Deep Autumn – I couldn’t have been more wrong. She sent me a copy of the colour recommendations, which can also be found on her website.

Cardigan Empire Cool Summer Colour Analysis
Credit – Cardigan Empire

I definitely need to do some shopping. I do have a cloud grey top, which I love, but most of my clothes are in the “worst colours” section! As is my make-up. Which calls for some shopping.

A New Wardrobe on a Budget

As I’m working on a budget I decided to shop at low-cost website Everything £5. As the name implies, everything on this site is £5, so it’s great to build a new wardrobe on a budget. I focused on baby blue and pink for a pretty spring/summer wardrobe. I ordered 3 dresses, two tops, a t-shirt, and a lightweight cardigan. For less than £50!

To make this even more appealing I’m offering readers a £5 discount on their first order when they use the link from my site. You too can rebuild your wardrobe at the fraction of the cost of a typical high-street store.

Revamping my Makeup Bag

I also realised I needed to move away from the browns and reds in my make-up bag. I picked up some new cosmetics when I did my supermarket shopping (I love modern supermarkets!) today. I purchased pink and raspberry lip colours, grey eyeshadows, and pink blusher as a result of my colour analysis.

Getting Rid of the Old

I’m not making the mistake of holding onto the old stuff this time. My unflattering clothing and makeup are going straight into the trash.  Hanging on to the old stuff “just in case” is how the clutter builds up. If you aren’t going to use/wear it today, then chances are – you never will.

It’s so important to keep on top of the clutter, which is why FlyLady advocates decluttering so regularly. When FlyLady doesn’t work, I’d recommend you start with a decluttering session, even if you only manage one 15 minute session. Seeing the clutter leave your home is incredibly therapeutic

Other Pampering Treats I Purchased!

I also treated myself to some lovely NSPA bubble baths to encourage me to pamper myself with an evening bath more frequently. In an ideal world, I’d be lying in the tub every night before going to bed. Right now I’m far away from this dream, but like any other habit, the more I do it, the more it will stick.

Further to this I picked up some marshmallow scented shower creme, to make my morning shower more of an enjoyable experience, and will also encourage me to get into the shower earlier – rather than the last minute!

Have you ever had a colour analysis consultation? What is your colour type? Let me know in the comments below.

If you’d like five pounds off your first order from Everything £5 please use this special offer link.




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