Alternatives to FlyLady – What if You Really Don’t Like It?

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I know that FlyLady works for me, but only as a highly adapted version that I’ve developed for myself. For some, even that isn’t working and they need to find some good alternatives to FlyLady and her system.

Some mornings even I start searching online for some modern housekeeping tools that could be easier than FlyLady to follow. There are so many rules and aspects to follow it certainly feels overwhelming. Something like FlyLady that is easy to follow, and really works is the dream for many.

When FlyLady doesn’t work for you, it can be hard not to feel like a failure. It’s supposed to be fool-proof, right? But before your start looking for alternatives to FlyLady, take a look at why it all went wrong.

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The e-mails drive me crazy!!!

A common complaint amongst the followers of the FlyLady system. To run such a comprehensive FREE system Marla Cilley and her team need to make money through product sales. And to do this they need to promote these products. So you end up getting lots of e-mails telling you why you need to buy the “rubber swisher” or the “decluttering kit”.

My personal solution was to create a stand-alone email account just for the FlyLady emails. Then I check that email account when I need to. If it gets too full I just select all of the e-mails and delete them. No weeding through to ensure I don’t accidentally delete an important personal email.

I don’t wear shoes in the house

Neither do I! I started to ignore the shoe thing and opt for a sturdy pair of slippers. I know this is “breaking the rules” but it works for me. So even though getting dressed to lace up shoes was my original plan, it felt like a rule I could overlook as it was just bothering me too much. My slippers still keep me motivated so as long as I’m dressed and looking good, they will do.

The morning routine is too restrictive

Crystal Paine’s make over your mornings course is a great way to adapt your morning routine to suit your own needs. What’s great about this course is that it works alongside the FlyLady system as well as being a stand-alone alternative to FlyLady. The flexibility of the system allows you to truly create the right routine for you. If that wasn’t enough she also offers a make over your evenings course too – allowing you to really create the before bedtime routine of your dreams!

My own FlyLady morning routine is worlds apart from the routine she recommends, but it works for me and keeps my home clean and tidy. There is no point following a routine to the letter if it doesn’t work for you.

I’m a working mum and don’t have the time

Again, adapt the routines to suit your own needs. The weekly home blessing can be broken down over a number of days. You can move more into your evening routine rather than over-loading your mornings. Create your own alternatives to FlyLady by determining what will work for you. Don’t force yourself to work in a way that makes you unhappy.

I find the FlyLady system sexist

Well, don’t let it be! If you are in an equal partnership (both working, both cleaning) then keep it that way! My husband and I have an agreement as he both works and studies, I tend to do the majority of the housework. This hasn’t always been the case, though, and it won’t be the case in the future. Allocate tasks to one another and stick to them. If your other half isn’t doing their bit – then kick their ass into shape! FlyLady won’t make your home outdated and sexist if you don’t let it!

If All Else Fails – Here Are The Best Alternatives to FlyLady

  • Unfuck Your Habitat
    A modern alternative to FlyLady, that is really straightforward and simple. I’ve dabbled with this system in the past and it’s pretty good!
  • The Kon Marie method
    Very popular at the moment. I’d certainly grab a copy of the book and see what you think. It’s pretty intensive and takes a lot of work, but the results are pretty amazing.
  • Marcia Ramsland method
    A really easy to follow weekly routine. Pretty basic, but great if you are after something super simple
  • Zen Habits
    OK, so this is more than a cleaning system, but Leo Babuta has a simple resolution for pretty much any problem and will allow you to feel calm and at peace whilst you work. I’d definitely recommend Zen Habits for regular reading and problem-solving.

Alternatives to FlyLady in a Nutshell

If FlyLady is really getting you down, there are some great alternatives out there that you can investigate. Choose a method that suits you and your lifestyle. However, don’t overlook an adapted approach to FlyLady. With a bit of creativity and some out of the box thinking, you can create a modern housekeeping system that works for you. Your house can be organised and clean without you losing your mind.

Do you have any alternatives to FlyLady that you recommend? I’d love to head about them so please leave any suggestions in the comments below.


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