5 Money Saving Things I’ve Done Today

Despite feeling incredibly unwell, I’ve managed to keep myself on the money-saving bandwagon. Here are five money saving things I’ve done today.

  1. Free books

    I’ve been discovering the library to read for free. Today I’ve borrowed the second James Ellroy book from the L.A. Quartet series, The Big Nowhere. I’ve recently read The Black Dahlia and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I’m looking forward to reading the full series.

    reading books from the library is a great money saving tip

    I certainly recommend checking out your local library for free books to read. Normally you can borrow 8-10 books at a time. Some libraries also offer e-Book lending services too. If you don’t have a local library, check out the free Kindle books on Amazon.

  2. Watching a Friends Marathon

    We received 2 months free of Now TV a while back when my son traded in his PS4 for a pre-owned Xbox One. I finally redeemed it. It not only has a ton of on-demand content available, but you can also stream channels live. Today I watched Comedy Central’s Friends marathon, whilst feeling a little bit sorry for myself.

    Getting access to FREE TV channels is easy. You can cut out cable or satellite TV from your budget without feeling deprived of entertainment. Streaming TV channels is one of my favourite money saving tips.

  3. Switched my Hot Chocolate Brand

    I normally buy Options hot chocolate. However, today I decided to try Lidl’s hot chocolate at a fraction of the price I’ve been paying for Options. It was lovely. I’ll certainly be sticking with it in the future. I’ll also be trying some other switches next time I shop.

    Switching to own brands is a great way to eat healthily on a budget. Have a look at what is available at your local supermarket and see if you can find lower-cost alternatives to your favourite brands.

  4. Avoided the Bottle

    Usually, on a Sunday, I like to drink wine or gin in the afternoon. Today I opted to stay dry. I think drinking can have multiple effects on finances. Not only does the booze cost money in the first place, but feeling worse for wear the following day makes you less inclined to make the effort to cook, instead of reaching for the take out menu.

    Cutting back on drinking also helps to prevent you from getting very sick. You’ll feel more energetic, have clearer skin, and lose weight!

  5. Opted for the Free Supermarket Magazine

    Instead of purchasing Good Housekeeping or similar, I opted to stick with a free copy of Tesco Magazine. It’s actually a really great magazine, full of fantastic recipes that can easily be adapted for Slimming World. And cost me nothing. You can also get a free magazine from Boots that is really good too (although I think officially you must make a purchase and have an Advantage card).

Have you done anything money saving today? Share with me in the comments below and help me on my journey to becoming a money saving wise lady!

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