15 Minutes Decluttering – My Family Room Clean Up

a tidy window ledge after 15 minutes decluttering

I have a great room in my home that is our family room. It’s purple, big, and decorated to my taste. The room was intended to be a space for me to enjoy with my family, but they had other ideas. It’s become a dumping ground. So I’ve spent 15 minutes decluttering it followed by 15 minutes of cleaning it.

15 Minutes Decluttering

I always do my chores immediate after work and the school run have finished. That way I still have the motivation to declutter.

We have an Amazon Echo Dot, so we ask it to set a 15-minute timer. Once that timer started, we started too!

A tidy window ledge at 15 minutes decluttering

Why 15 minutes?

15 minutes comes from the FlyLady method. FlyLady advocates doing anything in 15 minutes. And it works!

My decluttering order


I like to work my way from the door around the room in a clockwise direction. I grabbed any clutter of the bookcase, throwing away the junk and handing the rest to its rightful owner (normally one of the children!). I then straighten out the books and photos.


Next, I move onto my husband’s desk and the window. This is the hardest area as it’s his work zone. I don’t like to throw anything away here in case it’s important. So I focus on straightening it all up. I’ll also change the fragrance oil in my oil burner. This week I’ve gone for a candy floss fragrance which is fun a summery.


I then move onto the futon and side table. I remove the cushion covers and throw them in the washing machine. The cushions go behind the futon until the covers are washed. I fold a fresh blanket and put in on the end. I also straighten the throws. A rug is in the washing machine to go down. I’ve added a coffee scented fragrance oil to the wash, which will give it that homey smell.

Side table

I clear the side table of any papers and clutter as well as swapping out fresh candles where needed. I also ensure all of the shows are on the shoe rack and coats are on the coat rack.

Dining table

Finally, I clear the dining table. This means putting away any folded laundry I’ve put there, throwing out any old paperwork, and filing away the rest. I’ve also moved some things around. I put the copper fruit bowl on the dining table, freeing up the end table for flowers and candles.

It already looks much better.

15 Minutes of Cleaning

The cleaning is done in a similar way. I use Cleanology Rose and Mint multisurface spray to clean all of the surfaces first. I then vacuum the floor and futon to get rid of the dog hairs. I finish by mopping the floor with laminate floor cleaner from Stardrops and cleaning the mirrors with window cleaner.

I’ve ordered a Venus flytrap to deal with the summer flies we get. We leave our back door open for the dogs to enjoy the garden, but this has the side effect of flies coming in. A flytrap will manage this naturally.

Tonight I’m making smoked trout pasta for dinner. This uses up some of the food we had for Father’s Day.

How was your day? Did you do your 15 minutes decluttering? Let me know in the comments!

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